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Timmy Love

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In the parish of Saint Mary, there blows a warm Caribbean breeze filled with the sweet sounds of native-born Jamaican – Timmy Love. Like the motherland which boast a rich tradition of spiritual music, Timmy Love imparts his message of love, hope and his dream of a bright new tomorrow through an emotionally charged performance that has left audiences around the world truly inspired.Just like the great falls of Ocho Rios swiftly cascade from the high mountains and roll out to the deep blue Caribbean Sea, Timmy Love envelops every member of his audiences and takes them on an invigorating journey that explores the vast heights of their emotions and plunges deep into their social consciousness.

Timmy Love was inspired by two great Icons, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. His journey began in November 1996 with the release of his first album, Light Up Your Heart. This Album was followed by, My Inner Feelings, (1999) Buss The Place, (2001) A Little Time With You, (2002) and Cool Water Rhythm, (2005) which features artists such as Ghost, Tony Curtis, Hero, Singer J, and Teflon. Timmy Love has just released his long awaited and most current album, Time of Your Life, which features his hot new single, The Greatest. This album represents a transformation to pop music. He has also just released his brand new single, Forever Young, the reggae version of the Alphaville’s classic. This single is taking the airwaves by storm.

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Time of Your Life

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Promotional Tour

June 15, 2022

Radio Interview Richie B & Shells – The Bridge 99 FM Kingstown JamaicaDJ Roy – Irie Jam Radio 93.5 FM New York City USA – TheGlobal Connection.

October 30, 2022

Radio Introduction of Artist and music/songs Done by Heavy D/Heavy Lution – Forever Young, Africa, TheGreatest & Love and Unity – featuring Luciano.Max FM 89.7 Radio Garden – Accra, Ghana, Africa.

November 6, 2022

Chris Rich – Cool Jams RadioColumbia, South Carolina, USA.


November 7, 2022

Fenix 360 - Global Artist Spotlight - Live Video Interview –With Johnny, Fenix 360 is a company that share the interview worldwide –introducing the Artist to the world and the world to the artist. Located inCalifornia USA

February 9, 2023

Radio Interview Biggau Dihitmaker - Vibes FM. London,England.

February 12, 2023

Alanzo Bashment – Ablazin Radio 88.3 FM – Cincinnati, Ohio,USA.Central Expression – CVM TV Jamaica – 2 TV interviews withTalia Powers in 2022.


February 17, 2023

DJ Flexx – Roses Fm – Nu Generation Entertainment - 88.9 FM– Tentative. Clarendon, Jamaica.

February 26, 2023

Kaya Matic – Sunday. WAIF 88.3 FM Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

February 12, 2023

Alanzo Bashment – Ablazin Radio 88.3 FM – Cincinnati, Ohio,USA.Central Expression – CVM TV Jamaica – 2 TV interviews withTalia Powers in 2022.

Blacker Video Show – Showing - Forever Young Video & TheGreatest Video - showing in 14 countries in the Caribbean for approximately oneyear!!!Countries include - Jamaica Flow Ch 100, Ready TV 109, &110. Dominica Ch 100, Saint Lucia Ch 100, Saint Kitts & Nevis Ch !00,British Virgin Islands Ch 100, Saint Vincent & Grenadines Ch 100, GrenadaCh 6, Antigua Ch 45, Trinidad Ch 99, Curacao Ch 99, Anguilla Ch 99, Barbados Ch99, Turks & Caicos Ch 99, Bahamas – BTC TV Ch 104
Timmy Love
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